Next Active Directory Integration

Next Active Directory Integration

There haven´t been many changes to ADI in the past. Mainly bug fixes and necessary adjustments were done. But now, it´s time for a change!

Multisite Network Support

For a while now, people have kept asking me when ADI will be supporting Multisite Networks. I have always liked that idea and therefore this feature has been on my To-Do list for a long time. But I did want to do it right, so let´s not take half-measures.

A new Team behind Next ADI

To be able to properly implement Multisite Network Support a lot of effort is required and the existing code has aged making it poorly maintainable. Therefore I have decided, not to develop and maintain ADI on my own anymore. Together with my colleges from the NeosIT GmbH we are bringing ADI with version 2.0 to a whole new level. In the past months ADI was completely rewritten and is currently in a pre-alpha-stage.

If you would like to know more about Next ADI, feel free to read Schakkos blog post where he is talking about a few of the new features.

How will Next ADI continue?

We do not want to keep it a secret. So here is a schedule for the next few weeks:

  • 07.04.2016: Release of an ADI alpha version on Github
  • 11.04.2016: Further information on our website
  • 12.04.2016: Announcement in the WordPress-Forum
  • 13.05.2016: Microsite going online
  • 17.05.2016: ADI 2.0 release on

During this time, development will continue and we will be testing, testing and testing.